New HDTV - Freesat HD and sky stopped together?

Hey guys, ive just bought a new HDTV (Panasonic Viera TXL42D25B).
I am have problems connecting all of my boxes.

The TV comes built in beside freesat HD...i have the problem where:
- If i connect the wires one road, freesat HD works and sky does not.
- if i connect the wires another way, Sky works and Freesat HD does not work.

I have gone it connected so that sky works, but this means i cannot watch the HD channel on the freesat.

Is there anyway i can get both working together?


Answers: If you've get Sky you don't need the Freesat it comes from the same satellite. Unless you've get 2 dishes or a quad LNB they can't work together because there won't be a signal. Source(s): Common sense.

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