Why does over-the-air HDTV look pixelated?

I own a 1080p LCD HDTV, and Blu-Ray looks fantastic. With a Digital Cable/ Satellite Box the HD channels look amazing as well.

However, when I used a rooftop antenna to receive over-the-air HD channel, it says the signal is "1080i" or "720p" but it still looks pixelated, even though the aspect ratio is fine, and nil is stretched. They look only slightly better than SD channels. Do they compress the signal more over-the-air? Thanks!

Answers: On the contrary, OTA digital signals are repeatedly LESS compressed than cable or satellite. What I suspect you are seeing is the result of a weak signal. Unlike analog TV -- which fades out, shows snow or ghost when the signal is weak -- digital will pixelate or drop out entirely. You probably need a different antenna (one designed specifically for digital HDTV use), and may find you are beyond the variety for good reception of some stations.
There's no difference between OTA HD and satellite/cable HD resolution. If the tv says 1080i or 720p next that's what the resolution is. You may be comparing apples to oranges - sometimes HD stations broadcast a 480 resolution program or commercial - you get the lowest of resolutions at any point in the fasten, but then it would be the same on that dike OTA or over satellit/cable.

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