Do the HDTV rabbit ears really work?

I have an LCD HDTV and am dropping comcast cable because it is too expensive. I really like my HD channel that Comcast offers. Once I drop cable I think I will still own access to basic cable. If I buy the HDTV rabbit ears, what type of an effect will this have ? Thank you for your time!

Answers: Your HDTV should have a ATSC (HDTV over-the-air) tuner built in. If it does nearby will be a coaxial cable input on the back, just run the rabbit ears into that. In the store, you'll see some antenna's market as "HD antenna", that's just a marketing thing, adjectives ATSC tuners are designed to work with existing rabbit ears/antenna's, you don't need to buy a special one for HD!

Of course what type of antenna you will necessitate will be based on how far you are from the broadcast towers, you can input your address and see what kind of antenna you will entail at the website below.

The cable companies actually compress HD signal more than they probably should, so over-the-air HD is even better quality (most of the time)! All of your local channel should be available in HD for free over the air, to achieve cable channels in HD you'll enjoy to have an HD converter box from your cable company.
if your close enough to the signal, you will get a nice HD picture from any dated rabbit ears
>Do the HDTV rabbit ears really work?

Yes. And 20 year antediluvian rabbit ears also work. Adding "HDTV" to the label on TV antennas is just a marketing gimmick. The two outmoded "rabbit ear" antennas I've tried worked just fine at picking up local digital broadcasts.

>Once I drop cable I think I will still own access to basic cable

Why? There is no free cable TV unless it's included in your rent.

>If I buy the HDTV rabbit ears, what type of an effect will this own ?

You might pick up all your local broadcasts in HD or you might receive nought at all.

How well TV antennas work is extremely dependent on your location and even the construction of the house the antenna is located contained by. Likewise there is no one best TV antenna; what antenna works best is extremely dependent on location and other local factor.

Most of the time, a TV antenna that gives you good analog TV reception will also afford you good digital reception.

You can check the TV section of yahoo to see what your local digital broadcasts are. And you can budge to the first link below to find out where your local TV transmitters are located.

If you ask a ask about what TV antenna to get, be sure to include your fastener code and distance to the local TV transmitters. Source(s): you should get a UHF antenna that does not hold rabbit ears as rabbit ear poles are useless for digital channels and look ugly , really devout uhf antenna's are amplified silver sensor , they are great also terk has some good ones too , these indoor antennas can get hold of digital signals from 40-50 miles away as regular rabbit ear antennas are good for 15 miles and still you might have to mess around next to them.

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