TV Volume increases by itself?

My TVs volume keeps going up and I do not know why. I checked the remotes and even went as far as taking the battery out of them and the TVs volume still increases. If I attempt to turn the volume down the volume just keeps going vertebrae up. Occasionally I regain control and able to put the volume down but its unpredictable when the volume will rise once again. Its really annoying and worrying me.

Has this happened to anyone else, and does anyone enjoy a way to fix this?

Answers: Volume up switch on TV is corroded and gets stuck.
Is it a moment ago one TV or is it several? I'm wondering because you say you checked the "remotes," unless you have one of those setups where on earth you need several remotes for one TV. I would think the remote is malfunctioning and you might need to either acquire a universal remote that works with your TV or if you get the remote through a company like DirecTV have them replace it. It could also be that the TV is on the blink. I would try checking that by taking the batteries out of the remotes while the TV is on, leave them out and see if the TV volume spikes. If it does, I would imagine the TV is faulty...and unfortunately, unless you want to nickname a repairman, you might need to buy a new one.

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