My original Tv Resolution is 420p but I am Brodcasting 1080i for my xbox 360 . Keep home-grown or budge up?

Ok so my 2005 samsung tv has a native resolution of 420p. And up to that time i went to my friends house and i saw that his xbox 360 was hooked up beside an HDMI cable and was brodcasting 1080p on a 1080p tv. No surprise there. SO when he put contained by Fifa 11 the picture was just stunning, and I could immediatly spy the dramatic difference. So I went back to my house and I looked at my tv which is also plugged contained by with an HDMI cable and brodcasting 1080i. So I did research online and found out that to get the best picture for your tv, you shoulc choose your local resolution. Now we all know that 1080i or 720p is better than 420p so wich one should I use?. Also if I should upscale it then should i travel for 720p or 1080i when I playing fifa? Also If you have a Xbox 360 you need to buy FIFA 11 it awesome. SO please back. Thanks.

Answers: It is not going to make any difference due to the fact that your tv is with the sole purpose a 480P. You can not change that, even if you choose 720P 04 1080i on your XBOX. You will need to attain an higher resolution tv. Keep in mind also that you can not see the difference between 720P and 1080P surrounded by screen smaller than a 46. Hope this will help you out.
Your give somebody the third degree is impossible to answer.

The primary issue is your TV doesn't have a native resolution of 420p.

If it be standard def, it would be 480i, but since you say it is a 2005 Samsung model, I'm betting it is actually a 720p TV. Whatever the armour, there is no 420p standard for ANY TV and no one have ever broadcast in that resolution.

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