LED vs LCD and 50hz vs 100hz?

I'm looking to buy a new TV. Can't decide whether to for a LED 40" or a LCD 40". If I step with the LCD it has 100hz renew rate whereas the LED has only 50hz liven up rate. I would be using the tv for gaming, blu-ray movies and regular channel watching.



Answers: I'd go for the LED. If you're single interested in watching sports, then I recommend you the 100hz one. If you're interested within playing video games (Xboc 360, PS3) and watching Blu Ray movies I would go a hundread times for the LED, it can reproduce 24p so it means you're going to see the movies how they must be see and it's more than enough. And for video games 60hz/50hz is like indistinguishable to 100hz, since it's only a 2:2 you can't tell much difference. With LCDs you bring a dark screen and beside a LED you get a crystal clear screen, plus within LEDs you can see deep blacks and bright whites while in LCDs you see blue blacks and reading light gray whites.

Good bye.I would get the faster refresh rate for blu-ray etc. LED is brighter and may concluding longer but you need at least 120hz for a blu-ray to see a differance, 240hz is the best through. Source(s): research for my own tv purchase

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